Custom Embroidered Holiday Gift ideas

Custom Embroidered Holiday Gift Ideas
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Ever have trouble coming up with a gift idea for 25-100 employees?  How about a gift for your loyal and favorite customers?  We offer help by providing three (3) simple custom embroidered Holiday gift ideas that will fit every budget.  The key when selecting a custom-embroidered holiday gift is to make sure that the item is of excellent quality.  Employees, customers, and friends will use and/or wear your gift if it is comfortable.  Check out our three (3) top embroidered gift options below for 2016: an acrylic beanie, a backpack/tote, and a full zip  hooded sweatshirt.



100% Marled Acrylic Beanie(3) Custom Embroidered Holiday Gift ideas

It is an old wives’ tale that you loose 50% of your heat through your head.  If that were true, we would see a lot of people wearing beanies and little else in our cold Chicago winters.  No matter how much heat you do or don’t lose in the cold, it is essential to have a hat and a stylish one to boot.  If you want an inexpensive gift starting at under $10, then the 100% marled acrylic beanie is the perfect choice.  A simple, custom-embroidered beanie is not only stylish but also practical in cold weather.



New York Backpack Tote

Looking for a holiday gift that can be used year round?  Look no further than the New York backpack tote.  T Custom Embroidered Holiday Gift ideashis tote is not only stylish but highly functional.  First of all, you can carry it in your hand or throw it over your shoulder with one or two of the convenient straps.  Its 12.5″ X 17″ size provides enough room to carry a tablet, a notebook, and your lunch.  It also has side pockets for water bottles, planners, cell phones, or anything else you need to access quickly and easily.  With prices starting at $12.75 (with your logo), these totes are sure to be a hit all year long.



Baja Stripe French Terry Hooded Full-Zip SweatshirtCustom embroidery

Is your workplace like most where half the people like it warm and the other half cool?  Whatever temperature concerns prevail in your workplace, full-zip hoodies are in style!  Independent Trading Company takes the full-zip hoodie to another level with the baja striped hoodie.  This stylish, full- zip hoodie is also very functional because it can be donned or removed without leaving your work-space.  Starting at $28, this gift will boost company morale going into 2017!
Whatever your budget, it is important to provide your team with some sort of recognition this Holiday season.  We want to make the choice easy, stylish, functional, practical and, most importantly, manageable within your budget. We have thousands of products to choose from, but when it comes to custom-embroidered Holiday gifts, any of these three items is sure to please.
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