About Our Team

Girard S. Hendelman, Founder and President

Girard S. Hendelman started GSH Apparel on November 13, 2008 after graduating magna cum laude from St. Joseph’s College (Rensselaer, Indiana) in 2004. GSH Apparel started out in Chicago in a small office space and has since transitioned to a 2,500 sq ft space in Bensenville, IL. Much of our early business came from work as a licensed vendor of the Chicago public school system.  While GSH still works with schools, our primary market has become local businesses, many of them in the Bensenville and Elk Grove area. We design apparel utilizing both screen printing and embroidery and usually have our orders finished within two weeks.

Girard’s personal passions include both business and education. In addition to GSH Apparel, Girard also founded another company, GSH Casino Parties, in 2014. In that same year, Girard partnered with Don Schlenbecker to start a not-for-proift company called Horsemen Hoops, which is built on the character and integrity of its players and coaches. Every player or coach who puts the Horsemen Hoops logo on his chest will embody an ultimate respect for the game of basketball and work with maximum effort, complete focus, and an unwavering desire to achieve beyond what others feel is possible. In his free time, Girard volunteers as a coach for travel basketball. Other hobbies include traveling, playing basketball, golfing, fishing, trying new restaurants, and learning about and investing in the stock market.

Mike Oboikovitz, General Manager

Mike Oboikovitz has been with GSH Apparel since February 2014 when he became the second full-time employee to join the company. As General Manager, Mike has many responsibilities including sales, marketing and advertising, operations, and logistics. During his time at GSH Apparel, he has been able to draw on his experience to promote the company’s growth. Mike grew up in Florida and moved to Chicago in 2008. He has never looked back! Before joining GSH Apparel, Mike learned multiple trades, including carpentry, upholstery, and truck driving. GSH was his first job in the apparel industry, and he has been able to learn a great deal from Girard about how the industry works and how to do things the right way.

Mike enjoys focusing on his work and putting energy and effort into helping GSH Apparel grow as much as possible. You might even say that work is his biggest hobby! When he isn’t working, Mike enjoys sports and games and has most recently taken up the game of golf.

Apparel Solutions Expert Since 2008

GSH Apparel began providing apparel in the Chicago area in 2008. We started out working mainly with area schools. As we proved ourselves reliable, we began to work more with local businesses, such as restaurants, warehouses, construction companies, and even service providers such as accounting firms. During this time, we have grown not just in terms of orders but also in our efficiency and our expertise.  Since 2008, we have become experts in providing custom apparel such as custom hoodies, polos, t-shirts, hats, and even uniforms.

The Difference is Our Service

There are thousands of companies who supply custom apparel, from tiny one-man businesses to huge international suppliers. So what makes GSH Apparel different? In a word it’s our service. At GSH Apparel, we believe that the best way to serve you is to find out what you need and then work hard to give it to you. This starts with our availability to our customers and potential customers. When you call with a question, we have knowledgeable employees who will answer your questions, provide guidance based on our years of expertise, and find solutions to your challenges.

Providing Custom Hoodies, T-Shirts, Polos, and More

GSH supplies a wide variety of conventional apparel items, including embroidered hats, jackets, and dress shirts and custom hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. In addition, we also provide non-traditional items such as customized work uniforms, made-to-order scrubs, or personalized aprons.  For a listing of all our offerings, see our Products page.