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Customized Apparel

Customized Apparel Purchasing Tips:   Purchasing and deciding on how to customize apparel can sometimes be overwhelming.  Some of the things to consider are the type of garment, the quantity needed, location of the decoration(s), and whether to have items screen printed or embroidered. Following are a few tips to help you choose customized apparel.  Before

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Corporate Apparel

There are many benefits for having your employees dress in corporate apparel.  Among other things, corporate apparel can boost morale, make for a more comfortable work atmosphere, and promote more open communication between managers and their team members.  Different companies require different types of corporate apparel.  Most companies start with polo shirts, ¼ zip jackets,

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Screen Printing and Embroidery

Screen Printing and Embroidery A common dilemma in custom apparel decoration is deciding between screen printing and embroidery. Although you need to consider a few factors in deciding whether screen printing or embroidery is best, the decision isn’t difficult once you understand the process and how the cost for each method is determined. Screen printing

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What Custom Printed t-shirt is right for you?

Custom printed t-shirts are the most wearable garments today and are the best-selling apparel for all ages and body types. Depending on the quantity of a t-shirt, the number of screen prints,  and their locations, custom screen-printed t-shirts can cost as little as $4 per shirt. There are hundreds of choices when it comes to

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Three tips to help assure a quality custom apparel order

We live in a world where everyone needs their custom screen printed t-shirts yesterday.  Unfortunately, in customized apparel that is not always possible.  I have yet to meet any company in the industry that keeps blank apparel on hand.  All of our vendors drop ship overnight so we receive goods every day around 10:30AM-11:30AM.  At

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