Choosing the correct Promotional Apparel for your Business

Promotional Apparel

Using promotional apparel is an excellent approach to branding your company.  The many ways that branding can be used to promote your business using apparel include uniforms; employee apparel within or outside your workplace; and promotional give aways (prizes for outstanding performance or attaining a goal). However you choose to use it, quality branded promotional apparel can promote your business.


A uniform will give your staff an overall consistent look and cure any dress code problems before they arise as well as help you present a professional “face” to the public. Promotional apparel also will help the public identify your employees (and your business!) at work or at play (for example, when employees represent you at a conference or at a softball or golf tournamenPromotional Apparel t or other leisure, fundraising, or charity event).  Custom apparel with your company logo used as a prize for meeting a performance standard can make your employees or team stand tall and be proud of that accomplishment!


Choosing apparel for branding, however, requires some thought to assure that your choices are appropriate.  When selecting promotional apparel for branding consider where the apparel will be worn and what the wearer will be doing. Most uniforms, for instance, must be both durable and easy to launder if worn daily.  Choose a style that will work with most body types and isn’t too revealing in public.


Most importantly, make sure the style of apparel selected for branding reflects your business. If your business is edgy, artwork on a black tee might be just the thing you need. However, if your business is a more classic “in the office” one, you might be better with a high-end polo with a collar in a neutral color.


Speaking of color, in selecting  promotional apparel for branding, use the colors and designs that reflect your brand. If your logo is green and brown, don’t choose purple and orange for your branding apparel.  You can easily undo all the recognition of your company that you have strived for with the wrong colors or designs in apparel for branding.



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