Corporate Apparel

Corporate Apparel

Nike Ladies 1/4 zip

There are many benefits for having your employees dress in corporate apparel.  Among other things, corporate apparel can boost morale, make for a more comfortable work atmosphere, and promote more open communication between managers and their team members.  Different companies require different types of corporate apparel.  Most companies start with polo shirts, ¼ zip jackets, and hats.  The type of corporate apparel required for your business obviously will depend somewhat on your business environment.  Outdoor businesses will need jackets, sweatshirts, and hats to battle the elements.  Traditional office businesses may opt for business casual polo shirts; more traditional businesses might go with a full button-down shirt that displays the company logo.

Brand name corporate apparel

Using brand name apparel has many benefits and is associated with premium quality and dependability. Using your company name with a premium brand name like Nike, Adidas, or Carhart ties your brand to high quality.  Unlike these well-known brands, however, other available quality brands don’t carry such a high price tag.  Brands such as Sport Tek, Port Authority, and Holloway are also high-quality brands.  These brands are available at a discount because they do not have such a strong global presence.  No matter what brand you choose, it is imperative to purchase corporate apparel and get your company name on it so that the people who work for and with you will view your company as a business that cares and is proud of its corporate identity.

Customizing your corporate apparel: The “How” and the “Where”

Corporate Apparel

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Ordinarily, embroidery of your corporate logo for polo shirts and jackets is the left chest but there are alternative locations, including the left sleeve, the right chest, the right sleeve, and the back of the neck.  Occasionally, some businesses customize jackets with an employee’s name on the left chest and the company logo on the full back. Screen printing is also an option for decorating corporate apparel.  We do not recommend screen printing for polo shirts, but t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and sweatshirts can all be screen printed to promote your company/and or brand in a professional manner.

Branding is extremely important in the business world as it leaves a lasting impression of your company.   Whether a high-end brand name or not, employees should be wearing apparel representing your company.  If you want to be remembered and ahead of your competition, give away some customized apparel items that represent your business to your customers.  No matter which items you purchase or how you decorate them, corporate apparel is essential for any business that wants to be taken seriously and will leave a positive and lasting impression of your company.





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