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Custom Embroidery: Upping Your Game

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Custom embroidery on apparel immediately identifies your business or organization. For recognition, brands can appear on stationery, bags, giveaways, and apparel. Custom embroidery of your brand on products related to your business or organization will really up your game. While screen-printed apparel and bags are good for displaying your brand, custom embroidery–your logo digitized and sewn into apparel using different color threads–gives your business a professional look.

Digitization, in which illustrations of a business or organization logo are translated into a digital embroidery file, makes custom embroidery available for any logo. And a variety of threads, fonts, and stitches available in digitized embroidery make your logo distinctive. Custom embroidery works best on particular types of textiles, but there are many items to choose from, including cotton, denim, and fleece. Custom embroidery is especially appropriate for polos, hats, and jackets.  If you have questions or are uncertain, GSH Apparel can help you choose the best apparel or other items that will work best for embroidering your logo.

Custom-embroidery serves a variety of purposes but is especially helpful for:

  • Advertising
  • Customer service
  • Professionalism

Advertising.  From apparel to bags, custom embroidery with your logo advertises your business. The more you use your logo, the more it is recognized by current and potential clients. Whether on uniforms, giveaways, or products used in your business, your logo is  a good source of advertising.  Custom embroidery is especially nice for jackets, caps, and golf shirts although a wide range of apparel can be embroidered.

Customer service.  A custom-embroidered monogram of your employee’s first name along with your logo on uniforms is an excellent way to enhance customer service. It provides identification of individual staff members who work with clients.  Ever had a nurse or medical practitioner introduce him/herself so quickly that you didn’t get the name? Have you tried to get your waiter/waitress’s attention when you don’t know his/her name?  A simple first name embroidered on a uniform can be helpful to both staff and clients. Additionally, a first-name embroidered on a uniform makes your service staff more approachable by clients. Your logo combined with a first name ties service and business together.

Professionalism. A well-designed and custom-embroidered item gives the impression of a professional and established business. While screen printing is a good choice for tees, embroidered logos on apparel are indeed a step above. Consider the difference between a logo that appears on a screen-printed tee and one that is embroidered on the shoulder of a golf shirt, jacket, or cap. The distinction is easily apparent, with the embroidered item providing a  classier look.

Up your game with custom-embroidered items that also serve as advertising and enhance customer service and professionalism. Questions?  GSH Apparel has experts that will help you choose a successful custom embroidery project for your business or organization.


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