Custom Hat Completes Summer “Look”

Whether you play softball or volleyball or just live in shorts and a muscle man t-shirt, you need a custom hat  to complete your summer “look.” A custom designed and embroidered hat is not only high style but also functional in the hot summer sun. It goes without saying that a custom hat is absolutely necessary for beach volleyball, softball, and other outdoor summer activities.


In addition to completing your summer ensemble, a custom hat serves a variety of practical purposes. A hat with the brim worn over your forehead provides sun protection for:

  • Your eyes
  • Your forehead and scalp
  • Your hair

While your summer look is incomplete without a custom hat, a hat also provides some sun protection. A brim of about three inches, along with sunglasses, protects your eyes and helps prevent cataracts in later life. A custom hat also reduces glare so you can see that softball coming right down at you. A custom hat also protects your forehead and scalp from the sun and may help prevent melanoma (skin cancer) from continued sun exposure. Finally, girls (and guys) you might love those sun-kissed tresses, but UVA and UVB rays can damage the outside cover of the hair strand or cuticle.  Sun damage can cause hair discoloration, broken or split ends, and thinning hair.

Fashionable and Functional Choice

A good choice for summer is the Mega Cap 7641. This two-color cap with contrast stitching is 70% cotton with a 30% polyester front and a 100% mesh back to keep you cool. The structured, six-panel cap has a pre-curved visor, contrasting under-visor, and a comfortable Velcro closure. It is available in six colors: black/grey, black/white, dark grey/grey, khaki/beige, navy/turquoise, and red/pink.custom hat

Of course, to upgrade your cap and make it truly a fashion statement, have it custom embroidered to reflect your team, organization, corporate, or family name. Not sure what colors will work or how many colors you should include? GSH Apparel can help you with embroidery colors and ideas that will look best on your cap. Just shoot us an inquiry at

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