Hooded Sweatshirts: Any Reason, Any Season

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Perhaps you have noticed the popularity of hooded sweatshirts, so-called hoodies.  You see them everywhere—from high school gyms to grade school football games to bars and sporting events. The reason so many people love hooded sweatshirts is that they are an “any reason, any season” addition to your wardrobe. Hooded sweatshirts have many differeHooded Sweatshirts nt uses and are practical and comfortable for year-round wear.

1.)Multiple uses-Hooded sweatshirts have so many uses, it would be difficult to name them all.  They are great for layering, a good choice under a light coat or jacket when the weather is unpredictable. They are also good alone during early fall and late spring because they are warmer than a sweater but not as warm as a jacket. Wearing a hoodie after a workout will not only keep you warm but help you avoid constant laundering of your winter coat. The drawstring hood, available in most hooded sweatshirts, is also popular. It will keep your neck warmer than a scarf as there is no gap between the hood and sweatshirt. The hood of the sweatshirt can be worn alone or even under a jacket’s hood.

2.)Practical-Because they are usually blends, hooded sweatshirts are practical and durable. They can be washed repeatedly without changing their softness or color. The price of a hoodie makes it a very affordable garment as many sell for about $20-$25.  However, for those budget conscience shoppers GSH Apparel offers a basic hoodie for $17. While generally a unisex garment, hoodies also come in more stylish and fitting designs for women. Pullover hooded sweatshirts offer a front pouch pocket and full-zip versions offer side pockets to keep your hands warm or to carry small necessities. Finally, because hooded sweatshirts come in many, many different colors, you can have several in different colors or choose your school or organization’s color for custom screen printing or embroidery  by GSH Apparel.Hooded Sweatshirts

3.)Comfort- The popularity of hooded sweatshirts is due to their comfort. They are soft and warm and many designs have knitted cuffs and waistbands for extra warmth. Some come in a moisture-wicking blend making them great for sports, especially running. Hooded sweatshirts are available in a variety of weights—from heavy cotton blends to a much lighter weight—and are available as pullovers or as front zip garments. Choose whichever works best for you or better yet, include some of each style in your wardrobe to meet different needs.

What are you waiting for? Add several hooded sweatshirts, both pullovers and full-zip style, in different weights and colors to your wardrobe to be ready for any season. And to make your hoodie special, consider having it screen printed or embroidered by GSH Apparel.


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