Picking the correct t-shirt-50/50 Cotton/Poly

How does one go about picking the correct t-shirt for their custom apparel order?  From my experience, I recommend a cotton polly blend from either Gildan or Jerzees.   There are advantages to both a blended shirt and a 100% cotton shirt. First you need to decide how the shirt will be used.  Is it going to be for sports, business, or used as a promotion?  Once the use is definPicking the correct t-shirt ed, a more informed choice can be made on how to pick the right t-shirt for you.

Advantages of a 50/50 blend shirt:

1.) A 50/50 shirt retains its size and shape after numerous washings.

2.) A 50/50 shirt has moisture-wicking properties. (The shirt repels moisture away from the skin.)

3.) A 50/50 shirt does not wrinkle as much as a 100% cotton shirt.


Advantages of a 100% cotton:picking the correct t-shirt


1.) It is perceived as a higher quality shirt.

2.) In general it is heavier and softer then a blended shirt.


Picking the correct t-shirt


In 90% of the cases, a basic 50/50 cotton poly blend is the way to go.  Shirts that are made for football teams, 5k races, family reunions or promotional apparel do not need to be 100% cotton.  Styles and preferences change over time.  Lightweight and moisture-wicking are in now, and heavy cotton is out.

There are times, however, when a 100% cotton shirt makes sense–where the shirt will not be used for much activity and will be cared for properly.  Under these circumstances, I would strongly suggest purchasing a higher quality all-cotton shirt.  If you are looking for a more fashionable t-shirt check out our brands such as Bella Canvas or Next Level.   One of our most popular sellers is the Bella canvas unisex tri blend.  We have 100’s of t-shirt options and will work tirelessly to provide you and your organization with what suits your needs best.

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