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Small Business Apparel small business apparel

Being a small business owner is tough.  A small business must deal with customers, vendors, leases, taxes, budgets, and employees, and the list goes on and on.   It is easy to understand why customized apparel is not a top priority for small business.  However, at GSH Apparel we make the process simple, so you can focus on important tasks and leave the apparel to us.  Below are five ways to help you order your small business apparel as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.

  • Start with t-shirts. Every company has a logo; some are multiple colors and some are not. If budget is an issue (and for most small businesses it is,) convert your logo to a one-color front and a one-color back.
  • Quantities are important. If you need only 10-15 shirts, you probably aren’t thinking big enough.  I have worked with small business that have less than five employees but still ordered 50 shirts on their first order.  This is not wasteful spending; it is actually very wise.  An inexpensive way to promote your small business is to give away apparel with your logo/brand (see #3).
  • Reward your support team.  Give apparel to your biggest supporters.  Start with yourself and then family, friends, top clients, and prospective clients.
  • Quality is king. It is more important to have a higher quality garment than a “cool” logo. We all think our logo is what makes people wear our shirts.  This is the exact opposite of the truth.  People will wear your small business apparel if it is comfortable, regardless of the logo.
  • End with embroidery. Polo shirts and hats should also go in your small business apparel closet. When it comes to small quantities, embroidered apparel is not that much more expensive than screen-printed goods.

If you think that 10 shirts is a good starting point for your small business apparel, you are thinking too small.  A good starting point for apparel for most small businesses is approximately 50 t-shirts, 18 polo shirts, and 24 hats.  If you invest in quality garments and quality printing, your customers will be thankful and also actually wear the items you provide them.

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