Spirit Wear Shows Your School Pride


As our thoughts turn to school in mid- and late August, it is time to order custom-designed school spirit wear to show your school pride.  Generate some real enthusiasm and pride for your school by making spirit wear available early in the school year. Custom-designed school apparel can be as simple as your school name on a t-shirt or as complex as a mascot and school motto embroidered on a jacket or blazer.

What Is School Spirit?

School spirit is difficult to explain but generally refers to the positive connection you have to your school. While most of us remember the sometimes awful tests, we also remember the fun times and friendships of our school days. The winning touchdown, the choir performance, enduring friendships, and our most understanding and influential teachers are all a part of school spirit. The best way to show school spirit is with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, cap, or other apparel items with your school name and/or mascot.  Students can show their school pride by wearing custom spirit wear at pep rallies and school athletic events.  It shows the pride students and teachers take in being part of a school community.

Why School Spirit?

School spirit can change attitudes about school, raise self-esteem and motivate students to do their best both academically and in sports, and encourage a sense of school or classroom “community.”  The school motto or mascot appearing on custom apparel creates a school culture that “we’re all in this together.” The resulting positive attitude can motivate students to do their best and raises self-esteem. Even pride in scores on those oh-so-important standardized tests benefit the entire school. Competition—both within the school and among schools—is also good for morale, whether it is academic, such as the student who reads the most books during the semester, or athletic. An Athletic competition which gives students a feeling of being part of a school community, such as a winning soccer or basketball team, also may motivate students to stay in school.

Custom Spirit Wear      

There are many good reasons for school spirit wear with your school name, mascot, or motto—or even all three—on tees, gym clothes, sweatshirts, hats, or any other apparel item. Spirit wear can be a source of pride whether it is a reward, a school requirement, or for fundraising.

  • Recognizing a job well done, whether academic or athletic, is a good use of spirit wear. Spirit wear is also an appropriate reward for those who have perfect attendance, read the most books, or participate on sports teams.
  • Some schools use spirit wear as required gym clothes or for cheerleaders and other sports participants.
  • Finally, spirit wear is an ideal fundraiser at the elementary, junior high, and senior high level. Whether as a reward, a requirement, or just school pride, spirit wear is a great fundraiser for school and parent groups.  Most students proudly wear custom-designed spirit wear.


Show your school pride with spirit wear!

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