Three tips to help assure a quality custom apparel order

custom-apparelWe live in a world where everyone needs their custom screen printed t-shirts yesterday.  Unfortunately, in customized apparel that is not always possible.  I have yet to meet any company in the industry that keeps blank apparel on hand.  All of our vendors drop ship overnight so we receive goods every day around 10:30AM-11:30AM.  At GSH Apparel, a custom apparel order is put into system as soon as a customer approves it and a print date and time are scheduled.  After printing, our orders are shipped on Thursday afternoon with an expected delivery of Friday.  We have spent the last 8 years trying to perfect the custom decoration and delivery process and have an excellent on-time delivery track record.

How to get your custom apparel order done:

  1. Custom apparel needs a custom design. Don’t call or email and say it is simple text.  Create something in Word or Illustrator, or pull an image from Google.  We have to have a starting point.
  2. Know your item(s) and sizes.  Most custom apparel is standard (t-shirts, sweatshirts, moisture-wicking t-shirts).  However, if you want something specific, find it on before you call.  Have sizes ready to go.
  3. Order extra!  As explained above, once an order is approved, it is scheduled to be printed.  It takes time to set up multiple screens to make a single extra t-shirt, and requesting an additional item after your order involves extra shipping charges.  Order a few extra items, it will save you money and more importantly provide you with piece of mind.

Use these tips to assure that your next custom apparel order is submitted, printed, and delivered on time.

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