Graduation T-shirts

Tips on how to design memorable graduation t-shirts

With the school year winding down it is time to start thinking about graduation t-shirts.  Graduation t-shirts or class t-shirts are good for any grade, but are most popular with 8th grade and 12th grade graduating classes.  Graduation shirts are a great way to create a physical and unique reminder for members of a graduating class.  Below are some quick tips on how to create a custom-designed graduation shirt.Graduation t-shirts

  • Graduation year required. Put the graduating year on the shirt and get everyone in the class to sign the shirts. Having the names of all of your classmates on a shirt makes it even more special and unique.
  • School name is a must. Do your alma matter proud by sporting its name on the front of your graduation shirts.
  • Keep colors to a minimum. A one-color front and one color-back print is plenty.  If you want to go all out, maximize colors with a two-color front and a one-color back.
  • Put a quote or class motto on your graduation shirts that has special meaning to your class. Some examples are “best and brightest,” or “ came in as boys left as men.”  The quote just needs to have a personal meaning to those in the class.


Graduation shirts are an inexpensive way to create a tangible memory.  Come up with your own graduation shirt artwork or contact GSH Apparel, and we will be happy to share some of our templates.  Congratulations to all the graduates of the class of 2015!


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