What type of Tee Shirt Is right for you?

One thing I’ve noticed people often struggle with is, “What type of Tee Shirt do I need?”   Every situation calls for a different item.  Some questions need to be answered to make the most appropriate selection. For example, how will the apparel be used?  What will it be used for? How often will it be worn? Following are a few scenarios showing optimal apparel choices.tee shirt

Performance Tee

If the tee-shirt recipient will be actively moving, a shirt with moisture-wicking qualities is the best choice. A good choice is the All Sport 100% Polyester shirt.  These shirts help keep you cool in hot weather or during strenuous activity.  They also “breathe” more than typical tee shirts, which allows for more airflow in and out of the shirt.

High Quality Tee

Are you looking for a comfortable tee shirt that will be worn repeatedly?  Or maybe you want to give away shirts to potential clients (that they will actually wear), and you want to impress them with a high-quality Tee Shirt.  Then, may I recommend this Bella Canvas shirt. It offers a lot options, such as crew, v-neck, women’s style, etc.  It is a perfect mixture of cotton and polyester that provides comfort you won’t find in a basic shirt.

Basic Tee

Most likely, you will find yourself in a situation that calls for an ordinary tee shirt.  Our basic tee shirt, the Jerzee’s 50/50, is one of the best on the market.  These tees are pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about washing it incorrectly and accidentally shrinking it.  This Tee Shirt also has a few moisture-wicking qualities.  For the quality, this is the most cost-effective tee.

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